Recognize the Dangers of Coffee Before It Lulled Enjoyment

Drinking coffee has become a habit that is difficult for some people to leave. Not only delicious and gives a warm taste, coffee can also reduce the drowsiness that comes. But behind the pleasure and warmth, there are a number of dangers of coffee that you might feel. Some studies say that coffee has health benefits. Even so, it does not mean you can enjoy it at will. If consumed in excess, coffee can actually cause negative effects on the body. Risk of health problems due to coffee Research shows that coffee or caffeine consumption in a day should not be more than 400 mg or two cups. It is feared that excessive coffee consumption will trigger several health problems as below: Coffee and heart health The danger of coffee can arise if coffee consumption is excessive, which causes the heart to beat fast, become irregular, and cause seizures. In addition, coffee that is not filtered can also trigger a number of things that can increase the risk of heart disease, because it inc
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